Brian Maxham


P.O. Box 84

189 More Acres Road

East Dixfield, Me. 04227


Tel: (207) 645-4423

Welcome to MaxTraps



At Max-Traps, we pride ourselves in building quality, handmade ice fishing traps. Max-Traps is a local business that we started in 2003 after a local sporting goods store changed hands and decided to do away with outdoor sporting goods.


Max-Traps is a family oriented business that goes to sportsman shows throughout the northeast promoting and selling our products.


We not only build this equipment but like you , regularly use it . Every outdoorsman knows the importance of high quality, durable equpment. Thefeatures on our traps prevent common problems that can quickly ruin a fun filled day of fishing.


Ice Fishing Trap Features

  • High line capacity, durable reel
  • Adjustable drag control
  • Flag-guide to prevent wind flags
  • Hook keeper built into the flag guide
  • Stainless trip wire
  • Lithium grease trip tube to prevent freeze up
  • Quality components and construction
  • Native hardwood components


With several trap sizes and configurations, we have a trap for every fisherman. Whether you fish the local pond a few times a year with the kids or never miss a day on the ice, fishing big water, we're certain we have a quality built trap that you'll enjoy for years.

We remind our loyal customers that our traps are “guaranteed to catch fish…..if they don’t you are in the wrong place.”

Please visit our Products page for more information and detailed specifications.